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Guard Your Ears

Doug Firebaugh

"Be careful what you are hearing...."
Mark 4:24

What are you listening to during the day in your MLM home business?


Negative talk?

Dirty Jokes?

Failure Language from the tongues of Life Survivors?

What you allow to go into your ears -- ends up in your heart and Network Marketing business, if you are not careful.

It's called "Cancer Input", and it will eat away at your Success like pac-man on steroids.

Let me ask you a question:

Would you allow me to go to the landfill, get 4 bags of filthy garbage, come into your beautiful home and dump them on your beautiful carpet in your living room?

Of course NOT!!!!

How about your bedroom?

Of course NOT!!!!

How about the carpet in your car?

Of course NOT!!!!!

Then how come you allow people as well as yourself to dump filthy negative garbage and input in your ears and mind daily?


Home business and MLM Success is based on Powerful thinking, not Powerless garbage! MLM Success is based on Building Words, not Destroying. MLM Success is based on the Word of God, not the Word of the World.

What are you listening to daily, and how is it impacting your MLM Success?

You know what HEAR stands for in worldly Success?

"Hardly Embracing Any Results" (amen!)

You know what HEAR stands for in Christian Success?

"His Eternal Actions Reign!"

If you want your actions and Success in Network Marketing to Reign, start hearing what Christ has to say, not others who doubt you and create fear in you. Listen to what Christ has to whisper in your ear... ssshhhh... you can hear the Holy Spirit...

"Never Doubt Me. For I am the King of Kings. And you are royalty. Let My actions totally reign over yours. Let My thoughts reign over yours. Let My Success pour into yours, let my Power build up yours, and like my Blood which poured out at Calvary, so shall Success pour into your life and reign supremely in your MLM business! For I am the Master of ALL Success, Who has mastered the World and all of it's evil Failure, Doubt, and Fear! And you need to hear what I say daily! For those who have ears... Listen!"

Holy Father,

I hear You. I hear loud and clear. I am not going to let people dump their garbage in Your House anymore, as You live in me. You must find some of the things I have heard lately disgusting! Fear! Doubt! Negative thoughts! Discouragement! Delay! Lack of faith! You have heard it all. And I am today cleaning house -- my MLM house! And my mind will not listen to what does not honor You, and let You do Your Success Work in my life! I will no longer let garbage reign in my mind, but You will reign! You actions will reign! Your thoughts will reign! And because of that, Success will reign in my life! Reign the King of Glory! For those who understand, live deep in His Glory! Praise the Lamb Who was chosen before the beginning of time! Hallelujah! Glory to the King! We praise You Jesus!

In Jesus' Name,


Your Success Image
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Do Your Success Thoughts Honor God?
A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. In other words: Negative thinking....will always produce a negative, unsuccessful life, as well as network marketing business. If you have a problem with this, please see The Manufacturer, as He made The Rules. Not me... continue reading...

MLM Struggle
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Success Speak
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Worried About Your MLM Business?
Here is a truism that I learned a while back: Glory Secret : What you worry about in your MLM business... usually comes about! And that is what Christ was talking about in this verse: I call it "The Hidden Cancer" in Network Marketing. Did you know that worry is a "Thinking Disease"? It truly, just like a cancer, can devour your dreams, hopes, and joy, plus destroy your success very quickly. It's called the "Cancer of Worry". continue reading...

Network Marketing New Things
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