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Step Away From the Success Crowd

"Do not be conformed to this world..."
Romans 12:2

Successful Christians in Network Marketing many times do not fit into the " Success Crowd" as we know it. I guess I would fit into that “non-fitting” mold.

I don't drink.

I don't smoke.

I don't fool around.

I believe in total integrity.

I don't like being a part of "smut".

And I have been blessed in my life with Success in the Network Marketing industry.

And I know...

Many of my worldly millionaire friends just shake their heads, and say:

" There goes Doug again... having absolutely no fun. How can he be successful with that kind of life? He is SO out of it. " (smile).

No, I am " so into It". Probably like you are.

I am a card carrying, plaque on the wall, certified, down to the bone, bottom line, devil stomping, totally sold out, 110% saturated, never going back, filled up, filled in, filled out, turned on, Tuned in, and torched up, rapped, tapped, and fully zapped Southern Baptist lover of Christ!

And that is weird to many folks, who simply have no clue.

They view Christ as a poor prophet from the Bible, not the most successful God/man that ever walked earth, and King of Kings, and wealth totally beyond comprehension, as all things are under Him, subject to Him, and owned by Him.

You see, to succeed in MLM as a Christian, you must be willing to be a non-conformist, and do something that makes no sense to the regular "guy.” As Jim Rohn says:

You must be willing to depend on Someone you can't see, depend on Ways that you cannot understand, and depend on a Power that you cannot fathom.

But if you do:

You will succeed with Network Marketing in a fashion that the world will wish they had.

You will have the type of Joy that worldly success could never bring.

You will feel a fulfilling that you cannot put into words.

And an achieving spirit in you and your MLM business that cannot be denied.


One of my "worldly" friends came up to me recently, and in confidence, shared that "they" were actually envious of the peace I have been blessed with, and happiness, as nothing seemed to really bother me. And I kept getting more successful in a down economy, which made no earthly sense to them. All that I did, I always gave God the Glory, and they were actually curious about why I would do that.


If your friends are "worldy,” and truly don't understand your thinking and focus... have heart...

They are witnessing the Holy Spirit move in your life, and creating a Success in your life and MLM business that the world never could. You need to be one of God's " Success Mirrors" and mirror the MLM Success to the world that only God can bless with.

You know what WORLD stands for?

WORLD = "With Out Real Leadership Direction".

That is the problem -- without the Lord, MLM Success in the world is without the TRUE Leadership Direction that Christians have. It's a false type of leadership.


2 of them recently got saved, and one said to me recently:

"Success as we knew it, was NOT success -- but just a counterfeit copy of it. I now know what GOD stands for:

"God Opening Directions..."

Is He opening and directing you towards His Holy Success Power in your MLM business? Tap in! For Success with God, is simply beyond words.

And beyond anything I could ever think or write.

He is just... BEYOND!

Holy Father,

Thank You for the direction that You are opening in my Network Marketing business and life. You are the True leader of All things, and Your Success is what I long to have in my life. Please through a Divine Installation, impart into me Your Power, Love, Mercy, and the type of Success Mind set I need to have for You. I am not where I long to be in MLM, and not who I long to be. Please touch my mind and heart, and let me be transformed by the renewing of Your Mind and let me tap into the Holy Success Power only You can give. I praise You Lord, and bless the Son! Praise to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost! Praise to the Lamb! Glory to the Cross! Let Your Glory fall! Let Your Power overtake! Glory to the Anointed One! Hallelujah!

In Jesus' Name,


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