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Success Slayers

“And this I say, lest any man should beguile
you with enticing words…”

Colossians 2:4


Many people will try to talk you out of your MLM Success, as they will attempt to sell you on the idea that:

“You are not good enough”...

“You are not talented enough”...

“You are not smart enough”...

”You are not Sharp enough”...

“You are not supposed to succeed... that is for other people...”

Yeah, right. What about the Holy Spirit’s Power?

When people come against you, and they will, even innocently, about doing better, being better, performing better, living better, remember:

Glory Secret:

"It is NOT you that will do the actions and movement towards those ends, but the Holy Spirit for Christ the Son."

Here is a word of advice for you about those “ Success Slayers” you have run up against and their “ Worldly Wisdom” and " Swords of Stagnation" they carry:





For it is the Lord that gives you power to create wealth and success in Network Marketing, and not some beguiling words of the Success Slayers out in the world.

Success Slayer’s words can be enticing and alluring, as Stagnation is always easier to obtain than Success, but Christ is the ULTIMATE Success Power in the world. and I can hear Him now saying...

“Why do you listen to those who want to limit My Working and Power in your life? Know this My child, you were not born to survive, but to succeed through My Living Spirit in the world and through Me, all things are possible. Tturn your ears away from anyone and anything that puts limits on My Workings, and turn your heart towards Me, and My Holy Success Power that I have imparted in you this day through the Holy Spirit for I am THE Power in the Universe that makes ALL things for My children Succeed!”

Yes, words can be enticing. But let God’s Ears hear for you, and in that quiet, still voice, you will hear Him whisper:

“I Am the One Who does this work... not you. Trust Me, and Let My Spirit work within you in a way you know not of... for My Success is GUARANTEED ! I died for It. ”


Holy Father,

Please save me and my MLM business from Success Slayers! They are the work of the evil one, and I need Your Help to fight this Lord! Please deafen me from anything and anyone that will hinder Your Success Working in my life by saying words of stagnation, words of survival, words of powerlessness, and words that go against Your Holy Word You breathed in the Ancient of Days! Help me defeat the Success Slayers in the world, and help me lead them to You! Your Power! Your Love! Your Grace! Your Mercy! Your Son! Your Passion! Your Spirit! Your undeniable, undefeatable, unquenchable, unstoppable, unbeatable, unrelenting, unlimited, and immeasurable Success Touch that carries the Scars of Nails on it’s Hands... Praise You Jesus! Glory to the Lamb! Glory to the Lord!

In Jesus' Name,


Your Success Image
What practices of failure and mediocrity are we all still holding onto? What old actions and patterns of life are we refusing to give to God? We have taken the old self and put on the new through Christ, and we should be constantly renewing our knowledge of Success and Winning in all we do in our MLM and Network Marketing Business -- through the Mind of Christ. But yet, we seem to want to hold onto: Our old thought patterns. Our old habits... continue reading...

Do Your Success Thoughts Honor God?
A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. A negative mind will never produce a positive life. In other words: Negative thinking....will always produce a negative, unsuccessful life, as well as network marketing business. If you have a problem with this, please see The Manufacturer, as He made The Rules. Not me... continue reading...

MLM Struggle
You blew it again. You were struggling to get something done in your Network Marketing business, and you just did not have the power and strength to do what you thought you could... there was simply: Too much stress. Too much pressure. Too many demands. Too little help. Too much going on. Too many challenges. Too little time. Too few choices. Too many distractions. Sound familiar? continue reading...

Success Speak
Words. Words that you say to yourself. It's called Self Talk. Are they sweet and encouraging to you? Do they make the mind smile and heart grin? Or do they make you feel not so good about yourself and your Network Marketing business? Jesus always had encouraging words for people. And He was and is the Master of Success in Network Marketing. That is called a CLUE. You must for MLM Success, talk and think... continue reading..


Worried About Your MLM Business?
Here is a truism that I learned a while back: Glory Secret : What you worry about in your MLM business... usually comes about! And that is what Christ was talking about in this verse: I call it "The Hidden Cancer" in Network Marketing. Did you know that worry is a "Thinking Disease"? It truly, just like a cancer, can devour your dreams, hopes, and joy, plus destroy your success very quickly. It's called the "Cancer of Worry". continue reading...

Network Marketing New Things
A Sense of Wonder. That is what all Successful people have in Network Marketing -- it's just in them. Christians in MLM should have ten times the Sense of Wonder and Amazement than the world, as we have so much more to be amazed about! Do you look at each day as something exciting and wonder what great things are going to happen next? Or do you look at life with a sense of Wander, and you look for your life to... continue reading...







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